Plasma Application Technology Government Support Projects
Government Support Projects

Unrivaled technology
using the 4th material plasma

Plasma Activated Water technology has environmentally friendly properties with no residual toxicity or carcinogenic by-products.

In addition, Palsoo Co., Ltd. is in the process of developing a patent (new technology) for a plasma eco-friendly agricultural pest control product mounted on a drone through numerous experiments and research and development.
As a line-up, we plan to launch a large-capacity 16L and small-capacity 1.8L plasma wireless sanitizer sprayer.

Status of participation in government support projects

Year Project Name Kick up month Government Organization Supporting Program
2023 Rechallenge Success Packag 2023.06. Korea Invention Promotion Association + Small and Medium Venture Business Corporation Wireless portable sanitizer sprayer with plasma activated water and solar charging system
Export voucher business 2023.04. Ministry of SMEs and Startups Overseas standard certification, international shipping costs
Support for structural innovation Exploration R&D 2023.03. Ministry of SMEs and Startups R&D commercialization support
CES2023 USA Participating in Las Vegas exhibition 2023.01. Startup Promotion Agency K Startup Integrated Hall Booth
2022 Revitalizing the bio industry ecosystem 2022.09. Daejeon Techno_Park Participated in Biotech Korea exhibition
Digital engineering business 2022.08. KISTI Liquidization analysis using supercomputer
Strengthening biomedical market support 2022.07. Daejeon Techno_Park Application for patents in the US and Japan
IP-R&D strategy establishment 2022.07. Daejeon Techno_Park
ICT convergence
sanitization device using drone
Technology convergence design innovation 2022.06. Daejeon Design Promotion Agency product design development
IP (Intellectual Property) Support Project 2022.06. Korea Invention Promotion Association patent-based promotional video production
Central and South American Online delegation 2022.06. Daejeon Job Economic Promotion Agency Lima, Bogotá, Sao Paulo Online Consultation
Cultivating specialized companies in the nano field 2022.05. Daejeon Techno_Park Patent strategy analysis
Technology competitiveness strengthening project 2022.05. Daejeon Techno_Park Overseas application (Vietnam patent application)
Root Industry Revitalization Support Project 2022.04. Korea Knowledge Service Research Institute Establishment of growth strategy, consumer workshop
2021 Life innovative technology development R&D 2021.11. Ministry of SMEs and Startups Development of a wireless sanitizer sprayer using natural water
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