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Introduction of Products

Plasma Activated Water...
Manufactured using only air, water and electricity

Plasma Activated Water technology has environmentally friendly properties with no residual toxicity or carcinogenic by-products.

In addition, Palsoo Co., Ltd. is in the process of developing a patent (new technology) for a plasma eco-friendly agricultural pest control product mounted on a drone through numerous experiments and research and development.
As a line-up, we plan to launch a large-capacity 16L and small-capacity 1.8L plasma wireless sanitizer sprayer.

Plasma Portable Sterilization Atomizer

Key performance indicators Test/Evaluation Method Test group virus/strain Test result certification Institute
antiviral test Modified ISO 18184 / virus decline rate Influenza A (H1N1) virus Antiviral test on samples Test:
2 hours after application
Korea Research Institute of Medical Science Microbiome Center (KRIBS)
Antiviral test for liquid samples ASTM E 1052 Human Corona Virus (HCoV OC43)
Pathogenic bacteria sanitization efficacy test analysis ASTM E2315-16 Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Streptococcus pyogenes Evaluation of antibacterial activity on samples (antibacteria test) Reduction rate of bacterial cell count after treatment for 40 and 90 seconds More than 95%
Electromagnetic wave certification
electro_magnetic immunity Complies with electromagnetic wave synthesis standards test Conformity test report
waterproof dustproof IEC 60529
IP24IEC 60529
IP24IEC 60529
Normal operation confirmed after 16 hours
at 45°C temperature and 85% humidity.
Conformity test report Korea SGS
Vibration test ISTA Procedure 2A: 2011 Total r.m.s=1.15gn r.m.s (11.27m/s₂ r.m.s) Conformity test report
Airborne virus reduction performance SPS-KOUVA AS 01-1889:2022 Phi X 174 (ATCC 13706-B1) Reduction rate over 80% Korea Industrial Technology Testing Institute( KTL)
Airborne bacteria reduction performance SPS-KOUVA AS 01-1889:2022 Staphylococcus epidermis Reduction rate over 90%
Harmful gas reduction performance 8 m³ / 1H Ammonia, toluene, acetaldehyde Reduction rate over 70%
ozone emissions From the test product emission port (Stand type) 5 cm point ozone 1 hour peak less than 0.1 μmol/mol
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