Product Characteristics of product
Characteristics of product

Unrivaled technology
using the 4th material plasma !

A small but strong global company that leads the world market based on unrivaled technology using plasma

The developed product, 'Portable Sanitization Sprayer', is a system that instantly converts tap water into sanitization water and sprays it using sanitization water dissolution technology using a plasma generator and an atomizer nozzle. By this, our product dramatically reduces sanitization and disinfection costs.
The portable sanitizing sprayer was developed to have a lithium-ion battery charging system built into the main body and can be effectively used in various areas without space restrictions due to charging (60 minutes when fully charged) and continuous spray sanitization operation time (60 minutes).
The portable sanitizer sprayer (filled with natural water) was developed as a public good that can be used in emergency situations at any time, even in environments where it is not easy to purchase and store sanitizing disinfectant or where sanitizing disinfectant is not available.

Portable Sanitizer Trademark Application

Name of Applied Trademark [PALSOO]
Applied Date 2022.06.04 Application 40-2022-0103801
Claimed Date of Accelerated Examination 2022.06.16 Product Type Type 11
Designated Products Air Sanitizer, Air Sanitizing and Disinfection Device, Sanitizer, Ion Sanitizing Device, Medical Sanitizer and Sanitizing Apparatus, Steam Disinfector, Household Sanitizer, Disinfection Device, Sprayer for Disinfection, Household Tableware Disinfection Device, Agricultural Irrigation Device, Agricultural Sprayer, Agricultural Spraying Device.
About Us
Company : PALSOO Address : S111 ho, 11-3, Techno 1-ro, Daedeok valley Campus, Pai Chai University, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34015, Republic of Korea.
CEO : Jang Palsoo Tel : +82- 42-535-0708

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