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Application in agriculture and food fields

Plasma water treatment technology is a technology that can be applied to a wide range of industries based on its environmentally friendly properties, pollution-free process, and easiness of development of new materials.

Plasma that can be used in agricultural and food products has a low temperature and contains various constituent elements such as ions, charges, radicals, and UV, so its characteristics are very diverse. The three control functions of activation, sterilization, and catalyst induced by these various constituent elements can be applied throughout the entire agricultural cycle.
Plasma technology can be applied to all processes from farm to table, including increasing seed germination rates, growing agricultural plants, harvesting and storage, washing, packaging, transportation process, store display, home storage, cooking, and food waste disposal. This method that can be applied to the entire agricultural cycle was named “Plasma Farming”, which refers to the application of plasma technology throughout the entire agricultural cycle from “farm to table”.
A representative example of the application of the activation properties of plasma is seed treatment. Plasma treated seeds not only have higher germination rates but also faster sprout growth. In addition, plasma has functional properties as a catalyst, eliminating ethylene gas, which is a problem when storing fruit, thereby extending the shelf life. Additionally, it effectively dissociates nitrogen in the air using plasma and then dissolves it in water to fix the nitrogen in the form of nitrate. This way you can get the effect of nitrogen fertilizer. As plasma is generated in the gap between the water and the electrode, nitrogen molecules dissociate, dissolve in the water, and become fixed in the form of nitrate. Another method of nitrogen fixation is to produce nitrate through plasma discharge directly in water.
-Vacuum Magazine 2015.12. Dr. Seokjae Yoo is serving as the senior director and director of the Plasma Technology Research Center at the National Fusion Research Institute. “Use of plasma technology in agricultural and food fields” (quote)​

Eco-friendly Agricultural Methods

Plasma-activated specimens remove harmful insects due to the formation of oxygen and nitrogen radicals. The nitrogen components included in water have the function of liquid fertilizer that can be used for the promotion of growth in eco-friendly agricultural methods such as smart farms, and home farms.

Live Stock Disinfection

It can also be used for disinfection of poultry farms, livestock houses, and pigsties and it reduces odors and prevents avian influenza, foot-and-mouth disease, etc. in advance.

Public Sanitization

A portable plasma sanitizer sprayer can sanitize and disinfect various places as radicals of plasma-activated species oxidation system are sprayed in sanitized water and it can remove viruses and harmful bacteria in the air or on objects

01. Weekend Farm, APT Farm

02. sports facilities

03. medical and health facilities

04. Poultry farmhouse, barn, pig farm

05. public institutions, schools

06. shared office

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