Plasma Application Technology Plasma Activated Water (PAW) technology
Plasma Activated Water (PAW) technology

What is Plasma Activated Water(PAW) Technology?

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This is a technology that generates atmospheric pressure plasma and then reacts various active species (radicals, ions, charges) and ultraviolet rays with water so that they can be included in various active species components in the water. When a discharge occurs in the atmosphere, a large amount of nitrogen and oxygen radicals are generated, and Plasma Activated Water (PAW) containing these radicals becomes acidic and contains nitrogen in the form of nitric acid. Plasma Activated Water can be produced using only water and air, so it is environmentally friendly. It has sanitizing power against microorganisms, so it is used as a variety of disinfectants. Additionally, the nitrogen contained in Plasma Activated Water functions as a liquid fertilizer. -KERI

Technology concept

This technology is a technology to manufacture and utilize Plasma Activated Water used for sanitization and disinfection and liquid fertilizer. It generates high-density plasma at atmospheric pressure and reacts it with water as much as possible to utilize the obtained Plasma Activated Water for various purposes.

Configuration diagram of related technology

Atmospheric pressure plasma generation technology and analysis technology for utilizing plasma activated water
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