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Unrivaled technology
using the 4th material plasma!

A small but strong global company that leads the world market based on unrivaled technology using plasma

In the 21st century, natural disasters such as droughts and floods occur frequently due to abnormal temperatures worldwide due to climate change. Due to rapid changes in the ecosystem, most underdeveloped countries have experienced a decline in agricultural productivity and increased instability in food supply. They are exposed to poor sanitary conditions, including the spread of water-borne diseases such as malaria, cholera, and typhoid. In addition, due to the lack of electrical energy and poor medical infrastructure, it is impossible to receive appropriate medical services for harmful pathogens, viral infectious diseases, etc., which poses a threat to basic human survival and dignity.
Our technically-developed product, “Portable sanitizing sprayer using plasma activated water and solar charging system,” is used by charging the lithium-ion battery which is built into the main body with a solar charging system. It is used even where there is no electric power supply system or in harsh environments. When tap water is poured into a portable plasma sanitizer sprayer, it is immediately converted into sanitizing water and sprayed in the form of an aerosol, enabling sanitization and disinfection of private and public facilities. It promotes the growth of crops using eco-friendly farming methods and provides regular quarantine for poultry farms, livestock farms, and pig farms. It is possible to reduce odor and prevent infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.
In addition, our company is contributing to reducing greenhouse gases and slowing global warming by taking steps forward in ESG management, utilization of new and renewable energy, and carbon-neutral policy. Various chemical pesticides are used in the agricultural field, causing damage to the human body and soil contamination due to residual pesticides. Acidification of soil is accelerating and water contamination is occurring, our company is developing related technology to solve these problems in near future.
Our technically developed portable plasma sanitizer sprayer was developed to use a solar charging system and can be used regardless of time and space, so it is an essential public good in areas without electric power infrastructure and exposed to poor sanitary environments. We are striving to contribute to the general well-being of humanity by disseminating it.
CEO of PALSOO Co., Ltd.
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Company : PALSOO Address : S111 ho, 11-3, Techno 1-ro, Daedeok valley Campus, Pai Chai University, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34015, Republic of Korea.
CEO : Jang Palsoo Tel : +82- 42-535-0708

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